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Minecraft Hack Cheats Mod Server Client Apk Full Free 2017

Minecraft Hack Cheats Mod Server Client Apk Full Free 2017

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Best method to get high score with hack cheats online generator android ios

what's up everyone today we are going to be looking at the top 10 highest slithered io scores ever so slither or slithered IO or Schley Dario has blown up on YouTube recently with nearly every big youtuber making videos on it trying to get that high score in this video we will be looking at the 10 highest slither scores ever and all the links to the original videos will be down in the description leave a comment below with your highest score on slithered I oh and leave a like if you want to see 10 things you didn't know about slither finally I just want to address that some of these videos utilize the zoom mod which is sort sheeting but if I did a top 10 two little scores with only videos that don't use the zoom it would be kind of boring right number 10 DG starting this list off at number 10 is DG you managed to get a score of 70,000 now I know to a lot of you this will seem a bit low but bear in mind it is number 10 on the list and he managed to get the score over a month ago as the video was uploaded on April the 10th when slither wasn't nearly as popular as it is now number nine arcade go comm taking the number nine spot is arcade go taking their first spot on this list with their video uploaded back in April this is the first video to reach that godly six-figure score that not too many people have reached 100,000 I think there's two reasons why it's so hard to get this high firstly slithered io tends to lag when your snake gets too big and it's significantly easier to get taken out when you're a large size as your turning circle is the best hack tool for slitherio lot wider number eight serious and hectic coming in at number seven is a youtuber called Sirius and his friend hectic who just last week on May the fourth managed to reach a score of one hundred and seven thousand five hundred and ninety-two well to be honest it was hectic that got the score then Sirius edited it and uploaded it to his 500,000 plus subscribers so I'm going to count them both at number seven number seven master odd claiming spot number seven is a youtuber with over 1 million subscribers called master of some of you may recognize him from my 10 most expensive youtuber supercars as he was the one with the BMW i8 but moving on to his crazy Schley Dario score master of managed to get a massive 125,000 score on this video he uploaded back on April the 19th but that's not even his highest score you guys won't have to wait long for that number six hero next up we have another large youtuber who this time goes by the name of hero and currently has over 400,000 subscribers I'm pretty sure that this score when it was uploaded was the highest that could be found on the whole of YouTube as hero managed to amass a score of over 130,000 this was uploaded on April the 21st so roughly around three weeks ago number five master of taking the number five spot is master of once again but this time with his highest score which is a crazy 150,000 the video features some pretty insane moments and close calls and definitely a lot of luck and skill on master of spark he is definitely going to struggle to beat this score number four a car bird next up is a smaller youtuber that goes by the name egg or bird who managed to reach a score of over 160,000 without using the zoom mod which is very impressive you can check his or her original video in the description as it was only uploaded yesterday it's personally the highest score I've seen someone get without the best hack tool for slitherio mod which makes the 160,000 score that much more impressive number three arcade go comm coming in with their second and final spot on this list is arcade go once again but this time with a crazy high score of over 170,000 uploaded on April the 28th this seems to be one of their highest scores today and is definitely not going to be an easy one to be but judging by how much slither the channel uploads I wouldn't be surprised if they beat this 170,000 score pretty soon number two game mark in the penultimate spot on this list is gamer who nearly nearly reached that two hundred thousand score mark just missing it by a couple hundred points totaling a massive score of 199 thousand seven hundred and forty three I don't know how many people have actually beaten this score but just the sheer amount of luck skill and time involved is pretty crazy just before we reach the number one spot I want to say I searched for hours trying to find the highest scores so if someone is actually beating this I apologize as I did the best I could number one roof row and finally claiming the number one spot and taking the title of the highest slithered io score ever is roof row with a truly mind-boggling score of 280 thousand eight hundred and forty I have no idea how long it took him to get this score but it obviously involved a lot of luck and skill this is currently the highest litter score on YouTube that I could find but knowing you lot you will probably link me a higher slithered io score as soon as the video goes up and those with the top 10 highest slithered io scores over let me know if you enjoyed the video by leaving a like and comment your highest slither do score but thanks for watching this is granty and I'll see you in the next video

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Pokemon Go hack cheats unlock all heroes free pokeballs pokecoins

Pokemon Go hack cheats unlock all heroes free pokeballs pokecoins

download__1_.jpg images__1_.jpg

hey guys this is Jackie or nerdy cracker . for this week's girls . I wanted to show you guys how to make your own miniature lap press environment I'm going to show you how to make both the miniature bottle . the environment . If you don't have a bottom absolutely love this little thing of course you can make it way more details just think of this one as a chib . I version the rocks . the fake moths really do is give it a lot more light franzese's being extra sticky today so he's going to join me for my intro . I have a giveaway happening right now so . If you want to watch that make sure you check it out on the iCard section that's going to pop up somewhere up here for those of you on my channel don't forget to subscribe to our plenty of geeky girls to keep you entertained . I don't want to get this .

I probably have cats mutts playing on my food is it something you're going to get a look like eventually it has no choice doing probably know . If you like the project don't forget to leave a like . share all the leads they're doing here's what you'll need for this project gray blue black polymer clay all these are from sculpey rock . fake moss yellow acrylic paint rounded pointy tool . a cutter depending on the environment you're going to need either UV resin or your full two-part resin kits you can find it at a craft store or in a home hardware store under the name epoxy resin depending on your resume you're going to use either a glass bottle or a small plastic container let's start with lapras make a teardrop shape with a narrower part right before the tip stretch the neck lightly . shape the head it kind of looks like a duck add details to the head for the back part make a ball with grey clay pinch the edges . push it on to the back now it looks like a snail duck make the flippers by rolling a teardrop . flattening it place them on the body use your black clay to put on tiny eyes you can also use acrylic paint instead . I forgot to add the darker blue dots . camera . feel free to do so take them for 25 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit make a light yellow mix of paint . paint underneath the body for the environment let's start with the bottle . If you want to use s . use a straw to help you get it in without messing with glass . I didn't use s . because it makes the environment too dark for my preference I'll show you what it looks like later on . I simply use rocks . fake moss add your resin . mix one drop of blue coloring once you're happy with the layout let the resin cure I'm using a UV flashlight you can see the difference with . without sin add a thin layer of resin . place your tiny laparis inside let it cure for the environment that's not in a bottle makes your two-part resin . If you're new with two-part resin watch my resin tips video link will be in description box below that video explains almost everything you need to know about two-part resin add two drops of food coloring . mix it really well place moss . rocks how you like then pour the resin remove bubbles . let it cure for about six hours once cured build on more rock . add some more moss in between mix . pour some more resin add lapis . add enough resin to cover the flippers there are always ways to remove more bubbles . because we want the water effect . I decided to keep the ones under water all done before . I let you guys go let me show you what . I got in loot crate this month usually . I get loot crate . loot crate anime . the anime one didn't show up yet so let's see what's in here the theme is origins . . I panicked on a couple of the items in here because you're going to see what's in there .

I usually end with the pins . oh my god Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtles pins this is going to go with my collection of all the Ninja Turtle stuff I'm obsessed with all the time number one Superman comic book I've never read this so this is going to be really cool to actually take a look at it Michelangelo Jik . I Jik . I never heard of it let's open it up you could have gotten any of these guys . my key is my guy oh my goodness this is made out of glass how cool is that I'm going to put like a D key flower in here . put it in my room this is really cute . then we[ pokemon go hack generator it's metal that's crazy oh wow that is beautiful I'm going to put this back for the cats knock it around . stuff happens . last . not least we have a really awesome 8-bit Mario so it says the original since 1981 . it's an official Nintendo shirt this is a really cool patent . I are probably gonna fight on who's gonna wear this . I'm going to let it work first so we're both absolute dweebs so . If you guys like geeky things this is a pretty good boss I'm actually really happy with this theme sometimes things are not always what you expect them to be . this kind of theme I'm really into it sometimes the car type vehicle themes that are not up my alley so that's why . I like it when they actually give hints on what the next theme is that helps me quite a bit . If you guys want more information I'll leave the description box below . I am not affiliated there's absolutely no benefits for me other than showing you guys these awesome products so . If you click the links again there's nothing for me it's all for you . you get a coupon code it's your . If it's your first time don't forget to check out the giveaway that . I have again link in the iCard section as well as in the description box below . . I will leave it also in the comment unfinished so you guys can click it . go . check out that video . If you have to just once for future speaking tutorials leave them in the comment section below . don't forget to add me on Instagram I'm there quite a bit until then . I will see you guys next week

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Clash Royale Hack Cheats generator online no survey Clash Royale Hack Cheats 2017

Clash Royale Hack Cheats generator online no survey Clash Royale Hack Cheats 2017


i'm going in with my black paint . created small thin little lines for the jacket . the shirt meet again this is going to help the jacket look like it's lying on top of the t-shirt rather than I just painted one big weird-looking bodysuit now mix together. a deep red color . you're going to use that to shade around the edges of the jacket . around your chest area . just the outer edges of it . where your shoulders . breast meat or if you don't have breasts where your shoulders . your chest meet you're gonna apply that you're just going to add shadows just around any wear the jacket meet . mething . wear the jacket meets the collar wear the jacket meets the backpack straps wear the jacket . the stripes on the army you just want to shade all of these areas of course you don't want to forget to do the same to the choker after I've done that we're going to start detailing the backpack straps . mix together. a light gray color . you apply that to the center of the strap this is going to help highlight that area . the darker on black colors on the sides of the strap help it look more raised . then you're going to go in with. a white paint . you're going to paint little lines that go through the edges of the straps . this is going to start adding detail to it . it looks actually like. a backpack strap or there's lots of knitting . you know. a little stitching going through it . after I've done that I mixed together. a light gray paint . one that's lighter than the one I used as the center color for the strap . I just pumps my brush all around it . it creates this texture that looks almost like it's. a leather type of strap . you just pump your brush everywhere .


you can get that texture appearance I wanted to add . me elements to this look that look. a little bit more realistic just because I didn't really want to paint it exactly the way that it looks in Pokemon go I wanted it to look. a little bit more like the pokemon trainer is brought to life . now I go back with that deep red paint I mixed together . I used it to create wrinkles where the arms are . basically she has rolled up sleeves . to create this I take my brush . I make kind of like. a squiggly line going through the arms just around them to make it look like the sleeves are rolled up because you don't really want to make wrinkles per se you need it to look like it's rolled up . that's what i did i just kind of make. a weird almost us Nikki design around the arms why I said snakey I don't really know that . metimes I make words up where the jacket in the shirt meet were kind of cuts into that V you want to make sure that you have that deep red color there . that the jacket looks like it's lying on top of the shirt you need. a dark color in that area to help it look like that now I take. a stippling brush which is. a brush that has. a bunch of little pretty like looking hairs to it . I mix together.


a light red color that I pounce all over the jacket the same thing that I did to be straps with that brush I do the exact same type of thing to the jacket because I want to make it look more realistic give it . me texture . it's not just. a flat red color with . me shading I wanted to look like there's. a little knitting inside of it . I just pounced. a brush everywhere this is al. going to add. a highlight to the jacket . it's not just the red color . the deep red color it's going to add. a bunch of different tones of red that you need to make it look more realistic now it's time to start hacking clash royale here - areas . mix together. a ver y light gray paint you apply that to the bottom portion of the collar you don't want to apply it to the top portion because like I said any area you want to make look more raised you want it to be light .

Cervejaria Devassa inaugura em Icaraí

O local é incrível, bebida geladinha com chopp cremoso... Nossa!

Um espaço para aqueles que querem comer e beber acompanhado de amigos, num ambiente descontraído, mas ao mesmo tempo bem ambientado.

>>A cervejaria produz cinco estilos diferentes, são eles:<<<

1. Devassa Loira: tipo Pilsener ou Lager, feita com maltes selecionados. É leve e refrescante.

2. Devassa Ruiva: tipo Pale Ale com toques tropicais, tem cor avermelhada e é extremamente cremosa.

3. Devassa Negra: tipo Dark Ale, produzida com maltes especiais, amargor moderado e aroma de café.

4. Devassa Índia: cerveja inspirada na tradicional Ale britânica, com alto teor alcoólico, amargor intenso e forte aroma de lúpulo. É classificada como IPA (India Pale Ale).

5. Devassa Sarará: tipo Weiss (trigo), feito de malte de trigo e de cevada, com aromas que lembram banana e cravo.

Endereço: Rua João Pessoa, 209, Icaraí – Niterói

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